Episode 017, Gays, pot, and the minimum wage… Christie falls off the bridge.










The Talk:  Its a new year!  The guys discuss their new found hope for an America that embraces Gay marriage, legal pot, and     they intended to talk about a rising minimum wage, however a NY Times anti-pot opinion column ends up taking up most of  the show.  A brief segment on how Gov. Christie may have crushed his hopes at the white house and a quick alternate  dimension that leads to the same outcome as episode 009 and pot smoking astronauts.


Weed: Been There, Done That…

 Christie’s Waterloo


Episode 016, They know what kind of porn you like.



  The Talk: The guys are a little upset about how many spy agencies the USA has and how they are used against we the people.  Michael talks about his Thanksgiving, Glenn Greenwald and Miley Cyrus.  A giant octopus cracks the boys up, and they round it all off with speculation about the sexual kinks of some prominent political figures.

*I’d like to make a correction to something I said in this week’s cast… Little Bo Peep had sheep, it was Miss Muffet who got with the spider.  Sorry for the fairy tale mix up.  Shout out to Ma Goose.


 The Breakfast: Hunger Strike!  We will not be spied upon!





The Octopus thing:


Hot Glenn:


Other peoples porn:




Episode 015, Femme Fatale







The Talk: The guys add a new segment to the cast that leads them down a dark passage where we discover that Chris Christie may be a hot dude.  The Palin Christmas book enters the discussion, and Gabe can’t get his mind off of Bachamann as usual.  This weeks “Alternate Dimension” paints a sick picture of a post President Christie USA.

The Breakfast: None, and so with empty bellies we trudge on…


Christie / Stewart clip


Weird Palin Christmas book video



Episode 014, Where have all the flower people gone?

Kill The Flowers.

The Talk: After almost a year off (most of 2013) the boys are back!  Still getting their podcast legs back, Gabe and Michael start by wondering what happened to the flower children of the 60′s, and end with an alternate dimension where Michele Bachmann takes LSD on prom night.

 The Breakfast: The guys sort of swear off of breakfast, but who knows what next week may bring.


The most unequal place in America (CNN opinion)





Episode 013, Guns and Greed

The Talk: In this the lucky 13th episode, the guys are solemn over the Newtown tragedy, and ON FIRE about our culture of guns and greed.

The Breakfast: The massacre having turned our stomachs, no breakfast was eaten.


Episode 12, Ayn Rand took our Twinkies

The Talk: The boys are in a tizzy about the Hostess Brands Bankruptcy.  Of course Michael and Gabe side with the bakers rather than the bankers.  Ayn Rand is dragged through their liberal mud, then she turns up in a shocking alternate dimension with an obvious twist.

The Breakfast: Sweet potato (Yam) and soy chorizo hash.  Corn tortillas.

Links to stuff we talked about: 

Hostess Brands (wikipedia)


Episode 011, Greed Queen

 The Talk:

The Obama win has the gents all fired up this week.  A little gloating, dismissal of the Patraeus thing, dismissal of some dumb list of crap that has nothing to do with Obama, dismissal and rage about a stupid and misleading video calling tea bags to action… And then a rant about the worst piece of @#$% to influence world opinion since Man was thrown from the Garden of Eden… Ayn Rand.

The Breakfast:

We didn’t have any, we did the cast in the evening.

Links to stuff we talked about: 

 Conservatism is Calling (video)

Ayn Rand Bio (Wikipedia)

Questions for Obama supporters

Where we got the sweet pic above (philstockworld.com)


Episode 010, The Eye Of Ryan

The Talk: It’s Election Day!  Who will win?  The guys speculate a little, but not much, before starting to rant like raving lunatics against Romney / Ryan and the “independent” voter.  It all turns to doom and gloom as the boys do their “Alternate Dimension” segment on what will happen to our planet as a result of Romney + Global Warming.  Giant storms, the rich retreat to Mars, Michele Bachmann rules a Christian splinter nation…

The Breakfast:  Scones as usual, because they’re easy to keep down when your soul is filled with rage.

Links to stuff we talked about:

Undecided Update

Climate Denial Crock Of The Week

CNN Election Map

Other Great Stuff:

Letter to a non-voter

 Election Myths

Mr. Burns Endorses Romney


Episode 009, Pot Smoking Astronauts

The Talk:

The guys are fire and brimstone this week with rumors of Mitt making a comeback.  Gabe gets sad about being banned from commenting on Michele Bachmann’s facebook, and in what might be the most fun “Alternate Dimension” segment, The boys take us from an Obama win to an interstellar future, and pot smoking astronauts.

The Breakfast:

Scones again… But I used Kefir in place of of the milk.  Oh, and we also had homemade hash browns.



Links to Stuff We Talked About:

Michele Bachmann Facebook Page 


Episode 008, Undecided Idiot

The Talk:

The guys RANT about a supposed Mitt debate win, but their words turn to pure venom when it comes to the Undecided Millennials.

The Breakfast:

Scones again…



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The End Is Upon Us!!!:

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